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  BBC1 & BBC2 now live online

29th November 08

The BBC has launched live streams for BBC1 and BBC2, so all of the BBC's TV channels are now broadcasting live online.

  Number of fast broadband subscribers doubled in Q3 2008

29th November 08

Could this be the start of the next step-change in broadband connection speeds?

  BBC iPlayer to offer HD by Christmas

7th October 08

The BBC iPlayer will reportedly start carrying HD content "this side of Christmas".

  Virgin's 50 Mbps broadband package might launch in 2 weeks

7th October 08

Virgin Media's much anticipated 50 Mbps cable broadband package is rumoured to be launching in two weeks' time.

  BBC iPlayer widget now available for Nokia N-Series mobiles

7th October 08

The BBC has released an iPlayer widget for Nokia N-Series mobiles other than the N96.

  BBC iPlayer coming to Nokia N96

17th September 08

The Nokia N96 will be the second mobile phone to receive iPlayer support from 1st October.